Mileage Capture

Puts you in complete control of how your vehicle fleet is being used.

With a minimum of administrative burden our market leading mileage capture and audit system allows you to capture the detail of vehicle movements within your fleet, incorporating both business and personal usage.

The application of the system ensures that the business cost burden is minimised whilst at the same time any mileage contributions required by employees are set at a ‘fair’ level based on HMRC rates or actual rates calculated via the fuel card data. Combining the adoption of mileage capture alongside one of our commercial fuel card options creates a complete win win scenario for both the business and employees, with both parties benefiting from reduced fuel costs.

The system is recognised by HMRC and analysis clearly highlights that companies who are not effectively monitoring fuel use and taking steps to improve efficiency typically pay almost 25% more in fuel and mileage expenses than they need to.

Our mileage capture solution includes a range of features including accurate MPG reporting postcode to postcode checking and carbon checking. In essence it’s a comprehensive tool that should be indispensable to any fleet operators who want to maintain easy and accurate control of this significant business cost.

Gain control of fuel use in your business with our mileage capture solution.