Experienced and impartial consultancy that ensure you apply the right solutions for you business.

With ever increasing fuel costs making the operation of a fleet an ever larger portion of an operations overall expense, it is not uncommon for companies to employ the services of external consultant to advise on the best ways of controlling and managing this aspect of the business. Unfortunately, in many cases such consultants have limited or even no experience of the fuel market and how it works. Being the complex market that it is a lot of time is therefore often wasted in such consultants bringing themselves up to speed on the basic metrics and processes of it. Even worse many fuel card providers use a high volume tele-marketing approach to business acquisition that is more focussed on selling fuel cards rather than fully investigating the needs of businesses often ending in a solution that is totally inappropriate and doesn’t capture the desired reduction in costs.

No consultant operating under the Suresave banner has less than 10 years experience of the market and are well equipped to fully analyse and understand the best ways to re-engineer a company’s fuel strategy so that it operates as efficiently and at as a low a cost as possible.

The extensive contacts that our team have built up over a number of years give us access to the latest intelligence and most competitive solutions in the market.

Our initial no obligation consultation is the start point of a journey that typically results in significant cost savings and/or improvements in efficiency of operation. Our approach is professional and tailored as each business is different as are the strategies and solutions that typically need to be applied.

Ensure that you have the best fuel strategy with our impartial, independent consultancy programme.